The Innovation Incubation Commercialization (IIC) program is a university of Nairobi program implemented by Intellectual Property Management Office and C4DLab. This program is for innovators with innovations that have potential for market commercialization. In the program, experienced industry players will coach and mentor the innovator teams in their quest to refine their innovations by translating them from ideas and prototypes to minimum viable products and services. The innovator teams will also learn how to prepare value propositions – using business models and cases – leading to viable startups that can graduate to acceleration. Finally, the innovators will be connected to investors and entrepreneurs that are able to fund the scaling of the emergent business venture. The Pilot program will run for six months, during which time the selected applicants will make themselves available for one-on-one meetings with experts upon request. The IIC program will bring together the professional consortia to select and verify innovations’ uniqueness and potential, prove their business validity and support them in further development.

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