Njeru, Justin Muchiri


Justin Njeru is a researcher and an IT consultant. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Technology from Maseno University. He has demonstrated the ability to develop eye catching and responsive websites in hospitality, private companies, consultancy, health, media, NGO and education institution. In the recent past, he has managed complex website development projects, integration coding for ERP systems, customer management portal, and bulk SMS platform. Out of his MSc project he published a paper in International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), “A survey on Big Data Analytics Architecture for Urban Transportation System: A Case for Nairobi Metropolitan”.

Project Summary

Project Title: A Big Data Analytics Architecture for Urban Transportation System: A Case for Nairobi City

Abstract: In the recent past, studies in the Intelligent Transportation Systems are on high gear to bring a solution to urban traffic systems caused by high rate of urbanization in most cities. Urbanization in Nairobi City has witnessed rapid growth over the last 10 years. Researchers have found that expansion of road networks does not solve the traffic situations. There is great loss of productivity for commuters who have to spend long hours in traffic. This research found that traffic information on updates, congestion and incidents is shared in various formats in various channels including radio, google maps and social media platforms. This information is big data and therefore the need to establish architecture for Big Data Analysis to synthesize and make use of data generated by road users freely through social media platforms. City travelers, find themselves in congested and jammed route due to lack of accurate and timely traffic insights of how the traffic is expected on certain routes to better plan and adjust accordingly. Policy Makers, Researchers, Systems Developers and Investors are also to benefit from the research findings.