KIHIU, Simon Mungai


Simon Mungai Kihiu is graduation with a Masters Degree in Distributed Computing Technology specializing in Computer Forensic and Cyber Security. He is also a  CISCO Certified Network Associate and was awarded an honorary membership to the London Journal Press for his work and the published paper titled "Comparative Analysis of Distinctive Features of the Ransomeware Tactics in Relation to Other Malware." He works at Avenue Healthcare as a Network and Security specialist, and he is the primary advisor on cybersecurity to Avenue Group. He has extensive experience in threat assessment, vulnerability assessment, risk analysis, and recommendation and mitigations of information systems. He is also a part-time lecturer at The Management University of Africa.

Project Summary

Project Title: Comparative Analysis of Distinctive Features of the Ransomware Tactics in Relation to other Malware.

Abstract: Ransomware have become a real threat to the use of technology. Unlike other forms of malware that could target systems by deleting or editing some files and creating backdoor for the attacker to access the system, ransomware have gone a notch higher by targeting humans. This is achieved when a ransomware encrypts data of the infected computer and a note demanding for a ransom to be paid is printed on the screen. Due to the advancement in technology, ransomware use advanced and secure encryption algorithm that is difficult to decrypt even when the computational power is not limited. In this work, we present some of the major behavioral characteristics that we found to be common with ransomware and not with other malware. Our results show that a careful analysis of suspicious network and file activities can help detect a ransomware attack. Further, careful analysis of ransomware behavior can help develop a system that can detect an impending ransomware attack and thereby eliminate it.