NTHIGA, David Lewis

Lewis, David Nthiga

Result oriented, passionate and competent in the use of advanced computing system to increase efficiency and reduce losses in organizations. Developed and implemented scalable e-resources platforms for corporate and learning institutions for learning and knowledge management purposes.

Project Summary

Project  Title: Using ICT to Improve Access to Educational Resources by Marginalized Communities: a Kenyan Experience

Research Supervisor: Christopher A. Moturi

Abstract: The study aims to develop an enhanced ICT-Based access model which will avail current and relevant educational resources, hence transform the lives of marginalized communities. Applying the PRIMER model, data was collected through questionnaires from 218 staff among the 30 technical and vocational colleges within the selected county in Kenya. The research found that the high cost of reading materials, low number of qualified trainers and lack of necessary ICT infrastructures to be the key challenges. The use of ICT based models, ICT policies and standards, community involvement were found to be the key access solutions. A model for improving access to educational resources, which can be generalized to other underprivileged societies in Kenya, is proposed. The study provides an alternative and practical solution to educational challenges within technical and vocational education and training settings for rural and marginalized communities. This will assist education stakeholders in their allocation of resources to TVETs in marginalized zones. The TVETs in Kenya plays a critical role, noting that only 18 per cent of students who graduated from form 4 in 2019 secured university placement. The study projects the critical need to improve access to educational resources for marginalized communities by address the inherent disparities in such settings which requires the adoption of suitable and beneficial technologies with a strong emphasis on the peculiarities of the community.