NDUNGU, Lucy Wangui


Lucy is a qualified IT professional with over 5 years work experience in several challenging scenarios from training, consultancy, network design and lecturing. She has participated in providing ICT support in areas like the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census. Lucy is has done short courses in CCNA and Introduction to cyber security. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology

Project Summary

Project Title: Replication as a Way to Achieve Interoperability in HealthCare

Research Supervisor: Prof. Daniel Orwa

Abstract: Interoperability is one of the key information exchange platforms among systems that are running differently. Presently, Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems are developed differently by vendors for individual healthcare facilities and they therefore cannot communicate with other healthcare facilities in order to share the patients’ data. This makes it difficult for healthcare providers to share patient data and also to access medical history which is oftentimes used as evidence based in decision making at all levels of the system especially at the point of origin. This research sought to investigate some of the barriers that hospitals and other healthcare facilities face in the journey towards interoperability. To achieve this, the author looked into ways on how developed countries and other countries that have been able to share patient data among the different healthcare facilities do so and some of the technologies they use to achieve interoperability.  Findings indicated that currently, systems do not allow sharing of patient medical records instead patents undergo similar tests and activities in all the healthcare facilities they visit. The research developed a platform that uses replication through federated and query based data exchange model as a way of exchanging patients’ medical records. The platform allows healthcare providers to retrieve patients ‘records that are stored in different healthcare facilities.