WACHIRA, Lucy Wanjiru


Wanjiru Wachira is an experienced Business and IT Consultant. She is currently offering technological services as a solution to businesses in payroll and HR systems which led to her research.

Project Summary

Project Title: Factors Influencing Adoption of Cloud Based Human Resource Management System In Kenyan Counties; A Case study of Neri County.

Abstract: A Cloud-based human resource management system (HRMS) presents numerous benefits to an organization including cost reduction, improved efficient, elimination of errors, and optimal utilization of human resource data. The aim of this study was to assess factors that affect the adoption of cloud-based HRMS in county governments resulting in the development of an adoption framework. The specific objectives of the study was to establish the effect of organizational, technological, and external environment factors on adoption of cloud-based HRMS at the Nyeri County Government offices. The study adopted a descriptive case study design with a sample of 160 staff selected from a population of 400 staff working. Findings revealed that Nyeri County Government has made notable progress in terms of adoption of cloud-based HRMS with adoption score of 74.1%. The study recommended that to improve the adoption of cloud-based HRMS, the county government should ensure adequate allocation of resource, improve internet connectivity, and find strategies for coping with a less vibrant economic environment.