DCT Masters Students emerges top in the Communication Authority Cybersecurity Hackhathon



The Hackathon was a CTF (Capture The Flag) Competition, where we had up to 11 teams teams, three of which comprised of University of Nairobi students.

The competition had two major categories; Digital Forensics and Ethical Hacking. There was also a Quiz section, which contained questions related to cyber security and the Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act of 2018. It started on Wednesday around 9:30am all through the night to Thursday 11am.


The teams that comprised of University of Nairobi students performed as follows;

  1. Team 1 - comprised of five MSc Distributed Computing Technology students, was first position in the category of Digital Forensics
  2. Team 2 - comprised of three Undergraduate students, two from BSc Computer Science and one from Electrical Engineering, was second runners up in Digital Forensics category
  3. Team 3 - Comprised of two BSc Computer Science students, was second runners up in the Ethical Hacking category.


The award ceremony was held on Friday 25th October. The teams were awarded certificates and trophies. The first position teams also received membership to join KCSFA (Kenya Cyber Security and Forensics Association) and a fully paid course on Digital Forensics by the Communications Authority.