Mental Health & Infectious Diseases (COVID-19) Awareness

The aim of the webinar is to sensitize our students/staff on the importance of mental health and focus on post COVID-19 recovery strategy. Drug and substance abuse, peer-pressure, poor academic performance, work-life balance, financial constraints and personal/family issues are among reported factors associated with mental health issues. The Department’s concern is that the issues may also emanate from losses during COVID-19 pandemic and there is need for recovery strategies. Creation of awareness is a key step towards recovery and the Department aims to achieve this through such webinar delivered from a medical perspective.

The webinar will be delivered from the perspective of UHS medical professionals who will provide participants with important information on infectious diseases (HIV/AIDs & STIs), gender-based violence, alcohol & drug abuse which are among the factors affecting optimal academic performance and work-life balance/selfcare, refer to the event programme.

The webinar will be hosted on Zoom platform on Wednesday, March 8, 2023 starting at 2.00pm; here is the link to join:
Creation of awareness is a key step towards recovery.