Mentorship Sessions

The purpose of the mentorship program is to create interactions, exchanges and sharing of experiences and knowledge of professional life so that the students can achieve their goals and enhance the quality of graduates.

April 30, 2024

Dr. Chao Mbogho
Lead, Responsible Computing, Mozilla Foundation 
Founder & CEO, Kamilimu Mentorship Programme

The Session Covered:

KamiLimu Mentorship Program: This is a gender inclusive, stakeholder driven  curriculum and simulated learning, structured to complement classroom learning. The program offers training in public speaking, data science and cybersecurity. It empowers techie students with relevant interpersonal skills key for the job market. 


April 3, 2024

Deputy Data Commissioner
Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC)

Session Covered:

Role of Office of the Data Protection Commissioner and Why Computer Scientists are required at ODPC


March 26, 2024

Meshack Muhoho

CEO of BSK Global Technologies

Session Covered:

Practical insights into navigating the ICT industry in terms of opportunities for career development, entrepreneurship, and personal growth