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Project Summary

Project Title: Smart Card Based Personal Health Records System for Interoperability

Research Supervisor: Prof Daniel Orwa

Abstract: Healthcare systems in both developed and the developing nations face numerous challenges such as lack of interoperability and limited personal medical records portability. Lack of conceivable personal health record’s interoperability has resulted in medical data silos. Patients on the other hand are seeking control over their personal health records. The research aimed at demonstrating the capability of a smart card based personal health records intervention using a prototype, guided by: - assessing the use of smart-cards in medical care; finding ways of giving patients more control over their personal health records; assessing the challenges healthcare workers experience in sharing personal medical data with patients and finally establishing the minimum data set vital for provisioning continuity of medical care.  The research concluded that: - majority of patients don’t have access to their individual medical health data; there is little use of smart health cards; medical tests are the most vital information needed for continuity of medical care, and that sharing of personal medical data is majorly manual physical files and word of mouth. Finally, the research concluded that the intervention suggested bridges the medical data silos and gives patients control over their personal health records. The research recommended that the government should actively participate in the implementation of eHealth projects and initiatives. Additionally, healthcare facilities should be more willing to participate in breaking data silos. Moreover, the use of smart health cards should be encouraged. Finally, patients should be encouraged to participate in their own health to help improve health outcomes.