A results-driven individual experienced in offering technology services that provide value added solutions to organizations, combining technical and business expertise to ensure that the technical goals aligns well strategy. Gladys recognizes the role technology continues to play in transforming lives and societies, especially in resource-constrained developing country like Kenya. Gladys is highly engaged in leadership and mentorship programs for female students in STEM. She is a seasoned moderator and speaker.

Gladys was selected for the 2020-2021 TechWomen program that brings together emerging women leaders in STEM from Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East. She is looking forward to learning more about the most innovative and successful technology companies when she visits San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley) and Washington DC in 2021. Gladys holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management of Information Systems and certifications in A+, CCNA, PMD Pro, PRINCE2, ITIL Foundation and ITIL Intermediate (Service Operation)

Project Summary

Project Title: The Role of Mobile Technology in Dissemination of Information for Pensions Claims Processing

Research Supervisor: Prof. Robert O. Oboko

Abstract: Over the previous decade, Kenya has carried out main reforms in pension system in both private and public sector. One main reform among pension providers in Kenya has been to utilize mobile technology to improve information dissemination for pension claims processing. However, despite the use of mobile applications, short message services, USSD and voice calls, dissemination of information for pension claims processing still remains poor. This study deployed a descriptive study design. The target population was 561 pensioners and 8 heads of departments. The sample size was obtained by use of Krejcie and Morgan formula of determining sample size. The study employed systematic sampling method to choose 288 pensioners from the list of pensioners. The study utilized primary data as well as secondary data. Secondary data was acquired from the yearly reports. Primary data was acquired from key informant interviews and semi-structured questionnaires. Semi structured questionnaire produced qualitative and quantitative data, which was differently analyzed using diverse techniques. The key informant interview guide produced qualitative data. The study concludes that mobile application has a positive and significant association with dissemination of information for pension claims processing. In addition, the study revealed that text messages have a positive and significant influence on dissemination of information. Further, this study concludes that unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) has a positive and significant influence on dissemination of information. The study findings also revealed that voice calls have a positive and significant influence on dissemination of information for pension claims processing.