Mark Onimbo is an experienced ICT specialist working for the International Committee of Red Cross helping the organization utilize its ICT resources for optimal performance. Previously Mark worked for the United Nations Population Fund and the United Nations mission in D.R. Congo in both cases providing ICT operations support. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Project Summary

Project Title: An Assessment of Green ICT Implementation Benefits to Kenyan Organisations: a Possible Motivator for Adoption Of Green ICT

Research Supervisor: Prof. Agnes Wausi

Abstract: There has been an increase in the use of computers and computing devices in Kenya and generally in the world due to the reduced cost of ICT equipment and improved technological advancements. This increased use of ICT, despite bringing positive effects to an organization, does also pose some environmental and monetary negative effects on an organization and the planet. Studies have shown that ICT contributes to 2% of the world's greenhouse gases and in addition ICT resources have increased the overall consumption of electricity within organizations. Most computer hardware also contains hazardous material like mercury, cobalt, lead, etc. This study's objective was to establish if the expectation of green ICT benefits could be a motivator for adopting green ICT practices within an organization. The research also sought to establish some explicit benefits of green ICT enjoyed by organizations that practice green ICT. The methodology employed for this study was a purposive stratified research design. A study of organizations within the Nairobi metropolitan was conducted and results were analyzed from a population that constituted organizations from different sectors. Government, private, and not for profit organizations, with a majority of respondents being from the government. Due to challenges arising from the COVID 19 pandemic data collection was restricted to online questionnaires and secondary data from literature review. Study findings pointed to the availability of benefits of practicing green ICT within organizations and at the same time also shed some light on factors that do not persuade organizations to practice green ICT. The overall study finding greatly highlighted a strong correlation between organizations practicing green ICT and anticipated monetary benefits that result from the practice.