ITANGI, Daniel Mbugua


Daniel Mbugua Itangi holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from the University of Nairobi,   2016. He is a software Engineer with excellent practical knowledge of Python, Java, Android Programming and Go Programming languages. He has conducted an academic research on 'Incorporating mobile forensic analysis and reporting into Nugget' which addressed the heterogeneity across the various tools used in Mobile forensics. His research interest is in Distributed Computing, Digital Forensics, Cyber security and Reverse Engineering. He also has great interests in designing and developing software applications and reverse engineering software applications He has collaborated and offered consultancy services for various institutions in Kenya and Internationally.

Project Summary

Project Abstract: The application of digital mobile forensic investigation has become an integral process both in private and public institutions. This has led to the development of various forensic tools in order to bridge the gap in the business processes. The development however has come at a cost; most of these tools are heterogenous and hence pose the challenge of interoperability. Nugget addressed this in the spectrum of digital forensic. The development however, was limited to disk, memory and network analysis. The exception of mobile forensic introduced an area of research, which after being addressed introduced a new gap, the application of mobile forensics into Nugget did not address the last two phases of mobile forensics which are analysis and reporting. To address this, we incorporated mobile forensic analysis and reporting into Nugget. The output of this research was a software tool that can be used by forensic investigators when performing mobile forensics right from extraction to reporting.