SITIENEI, Maureen Cherotich


Maureen thrives in being a technical solution driver having gained interest in technology during her final year in high school. She has 5 year’s experience in IT and Telecommunications. She is currently a technical support engineer with a telecommunication company. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Project Summary

Project Title: Leveraging Robotic Process Automation as an Enabler of Organizational Digital Transformation

Research Supervisor: Prof. Elisha Toyne Opiyo

Abstract: Organisations are adopting newer technologies in a rapidly evolving digital environment to develop new or change present business processes to meet changing business and customer expectations. Robotic Process Automation is at the forefront of these disruptive technologies and has immense potential for transforming the delivery of processes. Organizations spend a significant amount of time managing processes that are highly repetitive, straightforward, rule-based and time-consuming and can be automated with RPA. However, often organizations which have embarked on their digital transformation journey, using RPA as an enabler, do not scale beyond concept proof. The research aimed at establishing a model for RPA adoption. Previous research on technology adoption frameworks, digital transformation frameworks and concepts on RPA supported the study. Influence of RPA performance expectancy, RPA effort expectancy, RPA facilitating condition, RPA social influence and RPA risks and threats on leveraging RPA were investigated with age, gender and experience as moderating factors. The outcome presented a framework for leveraging RPA.