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Facebook ID8 Event

It was an honor to have Students from UoN School of Computing and Informatics invited to the Facebook ID8 event at trademark Hotel on 22nd November 2019. The event was a first of it's kind in Africa that allowed the students   to join fellow Facebook developers and partners, and learn how technology can help them  embrace the challenges and opportunities you  face everyday in your business.

Setting yourself up for placement in the coding industry

We learnt about common data structures and algorithms required to interview successfully and be a productive software engineer at work and Students needs to be encouraged to practice how to use these data structures and algorithms frequently.

The session was to take students through the components in data structure and algorithms to help them understand its applicability in their day to day coding activities.

Alumni interactive session with undergraduate’s students

On Wednesday October 9, 2019, a group of alumni held an interactive session with undergraduate’s students of the School of Computing and informatics. The objectives of the mentorship session was to increase student knowledge of professional life, gain experience and confidence in personal and professional relationships, identify personal strengths, areas for improvement, interests and goals, identify future employment opportunities and establish professional networks.

Presentation by Rosario Robinson from Anita Borg Institute

Rosario Robinson Senior Director at Anita Borg Institute speaking to the students of Computer science and Engineering,University of Nairobi on trends in technology, careers in open source, opportunities available to college students with open source communities and technology companies. She also gave resources for studies and careers available globally.

SCI Student attending The Sub-saharan Africa GDG and DSC summit experience 2019

The Sub-saharan Africa GDG and DSC summit experience 2019 for GDG leads and DSC Organisers in the region took place at the Alisa Swiss Spirit Hotel and Suits, Accra, Ghana. It had all the thrills of an exciting, engaging and informative Summit experience. I am thankful to SSA regional core team for the opportunity.
I got the chance to meet with Googlers like Auwal, Our  DSC Program Manager ,Aniedi Udo-Obong, Developer Ecosystem Program Manager and Erica Hanson, the global DSC Program manager.