Anthony Munyare believes technology is a business driver rather than a business enabler. With over 4 years in experience, in the banking, insurance and investments sector, he has experience in financial technology services, Payment Gateways, Digital Lending, Payment Integrations, Business Process Re-engineering and Automation, Product Management, Service Design and Innovation and Application Security. Anthony is Scrum Certified, Application Security Certified (IBM), Certified Public Accountant (KASNEB), and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology.

Project Summary

Project Title: Assessment of ICT Project Failure Factors in Government Agencies

Research Supervisor: Prof. Daniel Orwa

Abstract: Information Communication Technology (ICT) has become a critical differentiator in businesses enabling them to gain competitive edge over their competitors. This has led to emergence of e-governance which means that it is possible to provide efficient government administration and services through ICT. ICT Projects in the private sector do well compared to those in the public sector and worse in government agencies. However, in the past two decades, many governments around the world have become aware of ICT potential in enhancing their service and efficiency.  However, government ICT projects in developing countries are well known for running far behind schedule and failing to deliver the expected benefits. The purpose of this research was to identify the ICT project failure factors in government agencies by assessing the effect of project, people and technology related issues. The research used quantitative and qualitative methods as the research method. The research used questionnaires as the primary source of information coupled with informal interviews that were guided by the questionnaires. The research revealed that vision and strategy, project management, skills, solution design, software and hardware contributed significantly to the failure of an ICT project in government agencies. The research recommends presence of a clear vision and strategy in ICT projects, formulation of project management policies to govern project management teams across all government agencies, and creation and strict adherence to recruitment process that will ensure absorption of required skills in the project team and consequently decrease ICT projects failure across all government agencies.