WAWERU, Reuben Gitau


Reuben Gitau is graduating with a Master of Science in Information Technology Management and he undertook a research project in cyber security readiness assessment models. After graduation, Gitau plans to take up more roles in ICT consultancies in the fields of network and security management.

Project Summary

Project Title: Cyber Security Readiness Assessment Model in Kenya’s Higher Learning Institutions: A Case of the University of Nairobi

Cyber security is an important pillar to effective operations on a network infrastructure integrated with information and communications technology. The world today has rapidly embraced the internet whilst personal, social and professional lives have gone digital. While technology and innovation continue to modernize the way we do things, securing the systems and infrastructure lags behind. Due to the ever evolving and growing advancement in digital crime, the computer and network security becomes a fundamental issue. Information technology networks security objectives seek to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability. Given the openness and extent of cyberspace, it is possible for offenders to conduct covert attacks and exploit vulnerability in systems. In order to secure the systems, higher learning institutions should conduct extensive direct examination in order to assess the cyber security readiness levels. Research shows that there exist various models which have been developed for cyber security readiness assessment; however, they are customized for developed countries whose cyber networks are much more advanced and may not be directly applicable in the case of developing economies. Therefore, this study developed a suitable model aimed at assessing the cyber security readiness, targeting information communication technology staff form institutes of higher learning in Kenya. In particular, the study investigated the cyber security readiness of ICT personnel from the University of Nairobi with the objective of determine the factors that influence cyber security readiness, develop a model for cybersecurity readiness assessment and conduct a diagnostic assessment of the ICT Staff in regard to their cyber security readiness.