LANGAT, Cornelius Kiprotich


Early Warning System for flash flood management case of Hell’s gate national park

Project Summary

Project Title: Early warning system for flash flood management case of Hell’s Gate National park

Abstract: Natural disasters, like flood, flash floods, earthquakes have led to destructions of properties, loss of lives around the world. Hells gate national park in recent years has experiences destructive flash floods, these situations prompted the development of flash flood early warning systems technology has been useful in mitigation of floods which causes deaths and destruction, notification and prior knowledge of the occurrence of the flash flood is critical in saving lives. The use of modern GSM and wireless technology is key in passing information, risks avoidance, preparedness, mitigation and response. Data collection of the study was based on an assessment of how early warning systems can be used effectively in ensuring safety of tourist visiting the park and specifically the gorge, and therefore primary data from the parties involved in this matter is crucial. However, secondary data from relevant publications and internet has been used to support various augments in the studies. The early warning system will be effective tool in early warning system.