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Strengthening the local AI ecosystem through an open approach to data set creation

With advancements in technology, governments and other stakeholders are increasingly turning towards AI to support decision-making in various sectors. Natural language processing (NLP) techniques have enabled critical applications to achieve the ability to communicate and be understood in one’s own language. This has been recognized as a prerequisite to digital and societal inclusion in education, finance, healthcare, agriculture, communication, and disaster response.

Innovating and scaling of startups in emerging technology districts in East Africa and The role of ICT in grassroots innovation and entrepreneurship

Emma (originally from Tanzania) works as an expert in innovation and development at the
Finnish Development NGOs Platform in Helsinki, Finland. Her work focuses on promoting the
use of technological solutions among NGOs and supporting Finnish organizations including their
local East African partners in networking, partnerships, and collaborations with other players of
East African innovation ecosystems. She has worked in partnership with many startups
and innovation hubs for 13 years.


The University of Nairobi’s Department of Computing and Informatics will host a virtual talk by a seasoned IT professional.

Lanre Bamisebi – Group Director, IT & Operations, Equity Group.

The talk will be held on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, starting at 2.00 pm (1400Hrs EAT) via Google Meet.
The 4 th Industrial Revolution has introduced a suite of smart technologies that have the potential to
drastically change how organizations do business.

Jim Leech Mastercard Foundation Fellowship on Entrepreneurship

The Jim Leech Mastercard Foundation Fellowship gives you
the confidence, resources, knowledge, network, and financial
support to build a startup with an impact.

For African students and recent grads with a desire to solve pressing problems and bring
entrepreneurial ideas to life.
The proven winning formula: Combine students and recent grads with a willingness to learn,
take risks, and commit themselves fully with best-in-class entrepreneurship training from the

HI4K 2021 Bootcamp

As part of building a community of Health Informatics software developers, the HealthIT project supports
an annual Health Informatics for Kenya (HI4K) Bootcamp hosted at the University of Nairobi, Department of Computer Science. The target participants are Computer Science/ICT/IT (or related fields)
undergraduate students from Kenya Universities.